Earth Day—Learn How Forklifts Matter.

Earth Day—Learn How Forklifts Matter.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd each year marking the birth of the modern environmental movement. On this day in 1970, millions of Americans rallied for a healthy, sustainable environment. Decades of lead gas consumption and landscapes riddled with sludge, smoke, and air pollution pushed environmental concerns to the fore. Today, the fight for a clean environment continues in a worldwide effort.

So how can the material-handling industry be part of the evolution towards a greener environment? Positive steps and a continuing commitment to environmental concerns can add up to reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Improvements in vehicle emissions coupled with increased energy efficiency will help support an ecological material-handling operation.

Here are some tips on how forklifts matter:

  • Regularly scheduled tune-ups. Studies [1] have shown that regular maintenance plays a significant role in fuel control system performance and emissions reduction. Complying with emissions standards achieves a better return on investment.
  • Choose the right forklift for the right conditions. If the operation allows, consider LPG-powered forklifts. Reviews show that propane delivers the highest energy efficiencies when compared to other fuel production life cycles.[2] Also, look into the benefits of electric forklifts. [3] Electric forklifts do not give off harmful emissions and are fume free in operation. And they can maximize savings on fuel costs resulting in thousands of dollars saved per year.
  • If you operate electric forklifts, optimize your battery performance and service life. Replace old chargers with high-frequency battery chargers. By improving the charge for your forklifts, you will maximize the battery life and your investment. High-frequency chargers help reduce power consumption and will lower energy costs too.
  • Consider remanufactured forklifts. With an expert remanufacturing process there is an opportunity for significant return on investment in addition to being environmentally responsible. This works exceptionally well with Crown Equipment's Encore offering.

Crown’s Encore line of renewed lift trucks are rejuvenated and backed by an unmatched warranty.  Each Encore lift truck undergoes extensive operational and safety inspections to ensure every component meets its standard. And it’s notable that Crown has an established dedication to environmental sustainability and stewardship, institutionalized through its ecologic program. Learn more: Crown Sustainability.

Encore forklifts

Although there are many steps to becoming environmentally responsible, it’s a case where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Every individual action you take goes toward creating a better environment than what they would be on their own. 

Key points—remember that proper maintenance is vital to the eco-friendly performance of your forklifts. You can make substantial reductions in fine particulate emissions from diesel-powered forklifts by replacing older, less efficient equipment with new forklifts fitted with the latest EPA compliant emission control technology. Electric forklifts are highly proficient and don’t release harmful emissions. And consider remanufactured forklift as a way to go when adding to your fleet or replacing older models.

At Action Lift, we believe the steps taken to operate energy-efficient forklifts will result in a greener future and also lead to a more cost-efficient operation. In NE Pennsylvania we are prepared to be your material-handling solutions partner.







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