Michele Horsey is our new Human Resources (HR) Manager. This is a newly created position at Action Lift. Our HR department's goal is to maintain an open-door policy for all employees.

The HR department is an essential part of all organizations, and its scope of work is not simply limited to managing administrative functions. It also works actively to safeguard the interest of employees and create a positive work environment for them. It serves as a link between employer expectations and employee needs so that a fine balance is maintained.

For new employees, the HR department is their first point of contact. It onboards new hires, introduces them to their team, and assists with initial documentation and paperwork. It also manages employee requests. HR helps make employees aware of the benefits available to them and the type of behavior expected at the workplace.

One of the primary roles of the HR Manager is to make the workplace optimal for employee productivity. A positive work environment gives employees the confidence to speak up about issues that upset them. Modern workplaces have employees of different religions, races, physical abilities, and genders working together. In such setups, fair and equal treatment of all employees is essential and a legal obligation for companies. The HR department creates codes of conduct, moderates employee-employer dialogs, and monitors employee data to ensure all employees are treated equally.

Workplace misconduct often goes unreported because victims or complainants feel intimidated or fear retaliation. In these cases, the HR department serves as a reliable confidant. Employees can report their issues without disclosing their identities. They are, thus, protected from the risk of losing their job or being victimized for making any disclosures.


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