Forklift Fleet Management - PART 1

Forklift Fleet Management - PART 1

What is Forklift Fleet Management? Forklift fleet management consists of collecting, analyzing, and using relevant fleet information to reduce costs and improve operator and truck productivity. Using modern software technology, meaningful information is gathered to provide data to address three of the biggest challenges lift truck operations managers face.

  • Reduce fleet costs
  • Optimize operator and truck productivity
  • Improve compliance with workplace regulations 

Our 3-part blog series will look at each challenge to see how a fleet management system can address the issues. First, let’s address how fleet management can help Reduce fleet costs. With any capital investment, It’s Important to know the total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition to the initial cost of a lift truck, the cost of service and parts is critical to TCO.

Centralized service management is a fundamental step in reducing fleet costs. Why? Because when different providers are used in servicing a forklift fleet, accurate information is more complex and time-consuming to gather. For example, one provider may use only OEM parts while another uses third-party parts. Also, there can be a wide discrepancy in costs for the same procedures with different vendors. Due to these inconsistencies in service and parts, a comprehensive view of costs and quality is difficult. So, what’s the solution?

Service management using a single provider with known pricing and reporting can go a long way toward a comprehensive fleet management system. Consolidating service with a single provider often results in better pricing because the provider has a more predictable revenue stream and a better handle on managing its resources. Efficiency will be improved in several ways.

  • Labor times and expenses can be reviewed and managed. 
  • Track warranty repairs to ensure warranties are being leveraged. 
  • Establish planned maintenance for a proactive approach versus a break-fix mode.
  • More efficient operations with electronic invoicing and work order management

Today's computer technology uses data-driven information to make critical business decisions. A forklift fleet management system can track maintenance expenses related to your equipment, putting you in a better situation to reduce service costs for a lower TCO. Service management should be considered a key component in any fleet management system and often is the easiest place to start on your journey to comprehensive fleet management.

At Action Lift, our experts can introduce your operation to FleetSTATS. Crown's FLEETstats helps you track parts and service costs and proactively plan for equipment replacement. 

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