Handle Difficult Loads with the Cascade TURNAFORK™

Handle Difficult Loads with the Cascade TURNAFORK™

Lift trucks often use specialized attachments in place of traditional forks. These attachments increase the versatility of the truck in various applications. Take a look at this two-in-one attachment for clamp and pallet handling.

The Cascade TURNAFORK™ is used in a number of manufacturing, warehousing, receiving, and shipping environments that require both clamp handling and pallet handling. Rotate the arms to the vertical position for clamping, or to the horizontal position to handle most types of conventional pallets. Do you frequently transport bulky, hard-to-handle loads? The TURNAFORK™ is perfect for clamping awkward or difficult loads such as large tires and recycling loads.

Watch the TURNAFORT™ in action.



  • Proven, durable arm & aluminum frame construction insuring long, useful life of the clamp
  • Superior arm-slide bearing material for extended bearing life
  • Replaceable rubber-faced arm pads
  • Integral sideshifting
  • Regenerative hydraulic circuit for optimal arm speed


  • Application-specific arm sizes
  • Application-specific arm facing
  • Load backrests
  • Class III mounting
  • Quick Disconnect mounting
  • Modified opening range
  • Hydraulically rotating/positionable forks

As always, be safe. Forklift attachments can present important safety considerations, including stability, capacity, and visibility. Follow OSHA’s required practices [1] and include attachments in a scheduled maintenance and inspection program.

There are many different types of attachments for forklifts. At Action Lift, we can help tailor the right forklift attachment for your material handling needs.



[1]   https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/pit/forklift/basicparts/attachments.html#Attachments


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