Increase Capacity with a Mezzanine

Increase Capacity with a Mezzanine

Is your operation working in tight spaces or experiencing limited storage capacity? Costly expansions or moving to a new facility may not be realistic from a logistical or budgetary standpoint. 

Why not look up to find the solution? High ceilings in your facility allow you to transform unused overhead space into a good work or storage area with the addition of a mezzanine. What is a mezzanine? Mezzanines are low-ceilinged stories between two primary levels of a building used to add space in a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Basically, a mezzanine is a platform built to get workers and storage space off the ground, whether to access something or have another level to store and construct offices on. They can be as large as an entire floor or as small as a work platform. Sometimes a mezzanine runs what looks like a catwalk around equipment to gain easier access.

In industrial settings, mezzanines may be installed (rather than built as part of the structure) in high-ceilinged spaces such as warehouses. These semi-permanent structures are usually free-standing, can be dismantled and relocated, and are sold commercially. (1) 

Industrial Mezzanine systems are gaining popularity as they are the fastest and most economical way to increase manufacturing and storage capacity. The fast-growing e-commerce industry, prompted by the global impact of COVID-19, is a driving factor of increased interest in industrial mezzanine systems. Global research firm Fortune Business Insights (2) predicts the market will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8%. At that pace, the industrial mezzanine systems market will increase from its 2021 size of $7.32 billion to $10.14 billion by 2028.

Here are some key benefits of a mezzanine.

  • They add value. Optimizing cubic footage creates more space in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, adding value to the building.
  • They are cost-effective. Mezzanine costs fluctuate depending on what you want. Weight limits, height, and chosen material will all change the cost of your mezzanine. Even though mezzanine designs vary, the rough estimate for mezzanine construction is usually $25 per square foot. Estimates on warehouse construction are, on average, around $55-$70 per square foot.(3)
  • They are semi-permanent. Mezzanines are free-standing structures that can be dismantled and relocated.
  • They can be customized to your requirements. Mezzanine systems can be customized with wire-meshed security cages, pallet rack storage, conveyor systems, and more.
  • They are easily integrated into exciting spaces. They allow people to relocate from the shop floor to create more usable space. Mezzanines with a modular office or lift to get products off the floor can help maximize your space.


Versatility and value are key things to take into consideration when ordering and installing a mezzanine. Whether you require a little or a lot more floor space, there’s a mezzanine solution to fit your application, timing, and budget. At Action Lift, our Warehouse Solutions experts can help you decide the best type of mezzanine for your needs.

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