Let’s Hear it for Spring Cleaning—Forklift Style!

Let’s Hear it for Spring Cleaning—Forklift Style!

After a long, unpredictable Winter in NE Pennsylvania, we welcome Spring—celebrating the promise of warmer weather and longer days. But as we eagerly await golf, gardening and all things outdoors; let’s shift to the task of Spring cleaning—forklift style. Just as we work to get our homes in tiptop shape, Spring is the perfect time to make sure your forklifts and material-handling equipment are well maintained. Here are some basic things to put on your Spring cleaning to-do list: 

  • Check batteries, cables, electric wires, and spark plugs for wear and tear
  • Inspect hoses and valves for leaks or breaks in sealing
  • Check fluids for proper levels, color, and odor

Top performance from your lift trucks and reducing downtime is always a goal, but proactive maintenance in the Spring will help prevent the loss of production caused by hot weather failure. Connect with your forklift service provider now to address your warm weather maintenance needs. Things your service tech will check:

  • Hoses - to make sure there are no splits or cracks
  • Engine coolant - to see if the correct coolant is being used
  • Thermostat - to be sure it is working properly
  • Fan and fan belt - to remove any debris and replace if worn or broken
  • Radiator screen - blowout any built up debris
  • Fluids and filters - top off and change if needed
  • Wiring - replace any damaged wires and clean corrosion that can build up
  • Hydraulic system including the pump, cylinders, hoses and valves for any leaks and wear


If you have an electric forklift, your service tech will check the battery. If it’s old or corroded and not putting out proper voltage, your forklift will not run at its correct capacity—or not at all. So it’s essential to clean the corrosion or replace the battery entirely. Be sure to continuously check the water levels in each cell of the battery. Extreme heat can cause water to evaporate quicker.

Remember, the hotter the weather, the harder the system will run. Increased heat and humidity forces the components to work harder than normal and wear at a faster rate. So connect with your forklift service provider for a proactive maintenance plan, one that helps your forklifts run better when things heat up. In Hazleton/Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and surrounding areas, contact Action Lift today. We are ready to be your material-handling solutions partner.



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