Keystone True Power

Keystone True Power batteries are of the proven European Tubular design with flexible, bolt-on inter-cell connectors. Features include:

  • Easy terminal cable and cell replacement using a torque wrench - no flame required
  • Greater durability and flexibility on uneven flooring
  • Improved safety with “built-in” shrouds
  • QR Code Data Card attached to every battery for easy battery identification
  • Spiral-bound cable protectors keep the cables from getting cut or damaged
  • Color-coded positive and negative terminations for easily recognizable polarity
  • Individual cell voltages can be taken without removal of any shrouds or exposure to lead
  • 5 Year Warranty

No matter what the application, we will help you determine the exact type of Tubular Flex lead-acid battery system you need. Our team of experts will specify the exact requirements and provide recommendations for optimum productivity and cost savings for your unique application.

The AQUAsave low water battery features considerably reduced watering intervals (30-90 days) depending on the charge profile. Greatly reduces watering maintenance costs over the service life of the battery.

Available in standard US cells sizes

  • 90 Ah with 21.73” Height
  • 125 Ah with 29.49” Height

The TE-US Enhanced Capacity series gives you robust tubular flooded lead-acid technology, which provides increased cycle life and extends run times.

Available in standard US cells sizes

  • 100 Ah with 21.73” Height
  • 140 Ah with 29.49” Height

We stand by our line of industrial batteries. All service and warranty on Keystone True Power battery will be performed by Action Lift.

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