Lithium-Ion Technology

At Action Lift, we understand that motive power solutions are critical to your forklift fleet. For this reason, we offer lithium-ion battery products through leaders in the industry—Crown V-Force Energy Solutions and Triathlon Battery Solutions.

Lithium-Ion technology is revolutionary in the material handling industry. By offering faster charging, extended run time, and longer battery life, the cost savings and convenience are extensive. Here are some of the key advantages of using lithium-ion batteries.

  • More flexibility due to decentralized charging stations
  • No explosion hazard and no odors due to gassing
  • Longer operating times and higher productivity due to fast and opportunity charging
  • Maintenance-free as it does not have to be topped off with water 
  • No need for battery change-outs and additional spare batteries
  • No battery change-out equipment is needed. The battery stays in the vehicle during charging and throughout its useful life.
  • No need for centralized battery rooms
  • Very low operating costs combined with significant savings in electricity and water costs
  • TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) - significantly reduced total lifetime costs
  • Different battery capacities and voltages can be charged on the same charger


Lithium-Ion battery systems help in attaining top results in a wide range of material handling applications. And you can replace current lead-acid batteries without any modification to new or existing lift trucks, so you can experience cost savings from day one. To find out how lithium-ion batteries provide both savings and convenience in operating your forklift fleet, CONTACT US at 570-655-2100.

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