PTH 50S / PTH 50PS-1 Series


Manual & Powered Scissor Lifts

The PTH Series includes a manual and a powered scissor lift model, which offer productivity-enhancing options; they can be used as hand pallet trucks, as storage tables, or as workbenches. The lifting forks rise up to 31.5 inches, which saves the operator unnecessary bending and heavy lifting and increases efficiency in repetitive handling operations.

The PTH pallet jack with manual scissors lift can be used with skids and open bottom pallets as a hand pallet lift truck, mobile work positioner and adjustable worktable.

The PTH pallet jack with powered scissors lift features an electrically powered hydraulic system that can lift up to 2200 lbs. Compatible with skids, totes and open bottom pallets, it is ideal for applications requiring frequently varied working heights.

PTH 50PS-1

Spec Sheet

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product in English.
PTH 50S Series Specifications

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