ESR 1000

Flexibility from Dock to Stock

The ESR 1000 Series handles the job of multiple lift trucks from loading and unloading on the dock to transport to retrieval and replenishment. Plus, its wide range of solutions helps operators address various rack setups, space constraints, and environmental extremes throughout the operation. Smart design, thoughtful features, and intuitive controls bring application flexibility, operator control, and long-term durability to your operation. The ESR 5200 Series includes two models for application flexibility. 

ESR Narrow Chassis Sit-Down Reach Truck
Load Capacity: 3000 / 3500 lb. 
Max. Lift Height: 358 in.
Width Overall: 44.1 in.

The narrow chassis model is ideal for drive-in racks, docks, transport and put away/retrieval, block stacking applications, and narrow aisles.



ESR Standard Chassis Sit-Down Reach Truck

The standard-chassis reach truck is another option. This truck is well-suited for lower-level lifting while providing excellent operator comfort.

Load Capacity: 3000 / 3500 lb. 
Max. Lift Height: 372 in.
Width Overall: 50.6 in.

ESR Heavy-Duty Sit-Down Reach Truck
Load Capacity: 3000 - 4500 lb.
Max. Lift Height: 534 in.
Width Overall: 50.6 in.

Ideal for transport and put away/retrieval tasks, this model is designed for heavier loads, higher lift heights, and greater throughput. The Cold Store Cabin is an option for this reach truck.

Features & Benefits 

  • Built for efficiency and comfort, the ESR Series stands out with top-of-the-line ergonomic seating and controls.
  • Excellent visibility, plus fork tip and load wheel fender indicators inspire the confidence to maneuver in tight spaces. 
  • Automotive-style pedals provide intuitive acceleration and braking, while an adjustable steering column and easy-to-use fingertip controls focus on operator comfort.
  • An innovative design facilitates service and access to components while energy-saving features contribute to a longer shift life. Crown’s eGen Braking eliminates traditional friction brakes, reducing maintenance and increasing uptime.

Options / Accessories

An optional cold store cabin makes the Heavy-Duty ESR the perfect reach truck for freezer applications. Keeping operators comfortable in temperatures as low as -22°F, the cabin features a thermostat-controlled heating system and airtight windows.

Integrated lift height and load weight indicator, rack height select, free lift indicator, tilt position assist and capacity data monitor and offers precise and efficient handling at heights

A camera system (mast or fork mounted) and color monitor improve the operator's visibility at height.

A choice of multi-task, fingertip or dual level hydraulic controls allows you to customize your reach truck based on application needs and operator preference.

An optional overhead guard provides operator protection but with a narrower design for use in drive-in rack applications.

LED work lights provide additional visibility for both operators and pedestrians.


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ESR 1000 Series

Spec Sheet

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ESR 1000 Series

Narrow Aisle Reach Truck

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