RT 4000

RT Ride-On Pallet Truck

When dependable performance matters, rely on the compact yet durable RT Series ride-on pallet truck to work as hard as you do, performing tough tasks without sacrificing operator comfort and control. The RT rider pallet truck has a load capacity of 4500 lb. and travels up to 7.8 miles/hour. The narrow chassis and short head length are perfect for congested and demanding applications.

Power - 24 V / 620 Ah

Head Length - 34.5 in

Width Overall - 30.7 in

Fork Length - 48 / 96 in

Ride-On Pallet truck
Ride-On Pallet Truck
4500 lb. capacity

Features & Benefits


Intuitive Controls

Intuitive controls within comfortable reach offer smooth, responsive operation while minimizing shoulder and arm fatigue.


Performance Soft Foam Lean Pad

A wrap-around, soft foam lean pad provides a comfortable surface during long or strenuous shifts.


Suspended Floor Board

A suspended floor board reduces shock from dock plates and rough floors.






Patented Entry Bar Safety Switch

The Entry Bar Safety Switch encourages safe foot position within the operator compartment by reducing travel speed, sounding an audible alert, and showing a message on the display when depressed.

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RT 4000 Series Brochure

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