SC 5700

The Three-Wheel Forklift that Delivers Exceptional Results
The shortest three-wheel forklift in the industry, Crown’s SC 5700 Series delivers exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.

The SC 5700 Series forklift is a true multipurpose workhorse that offers the following:

  • Industry-leading on-board diagnostics with Access 1 2 3®
  • Precise control, superior visibility, and proven reliability
  • Unmatched durability that withstands the most abusive applications.

3-Wheel Counterbalanced Truck
3000, 3500, and 4000 lb Capacity

Features & Benefits


A 36-volt or 48-volt electrical system controlled by Crown’s state-of-the-art Access 1 2 3®, Comprehensive System Control.


Crown’s Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control supports operators with automatic, real-time performance management and diagnostics. Three performance levels can be selected to match application requirements or operator skill level and can be programmed to individual requirements.


Drive Unit/Drive Motor
Crown-built AC drive units and drive motors provide the power required to perform in the toughest applications. These powerful components enable the full motor braking of our unique e-GEN™ Braking System.


Crown’s exclusive e-GEN™ Braking System’s regenerative motor braking virtually eliminating maintenance associated with wet disc brakes or drum and shoe-style brakes. An automatic parking brake activates when the truck comes to a complete stop.


Cornering Speed Control is one important element of Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System™. This feature automatically adjusts travel speed in turns during forward travel based on the weight on the forks, the angle of the steer tires and the speed of the truck.An infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel column allows better positioning and comfort.The steering column is offset to the left so that the hand falls naturally into place on the steering wheel.


A cab forward design, clear view mast and low-profile cowl allow operators to clearly see the forktips and around the truck, enabling excellent visibility.


Operator Safety & Comfort
Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System proactively supports safety and efficiency that builds operator confidence. The Intrinsic Stability System includes:

  • System controlled hydraulic speeds
  • Travel speed control
  • Lift/Tilt interlock
  • Stability-enhanced counterweight
  • Cornering speed control
  • Ramp speed control

Every operator touchpoint is designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

A cab-forward design, contoured seat deck and low-step height offer smooth entry/exit.

A choice of hydraulic control levers that are easy to reach, identify and activate:

Control Levers
With Crown’s innovative electronic power steering system, operators experience superior handling both on and off the truck. Power steering eliminates awkward body movements that contribute to increased fatigue and stress.


Manual Control


Fingertip Control


Dual-axis Control

Crown’s exclusive FlexSeat™ offers the widest, most durable seat on the market. This design includes a passive suspension system of flexible mesh and high-density foam that absorbs and dissipates shocks and vibrations. In addition, the polymer spring allows the seat to flex back and forth with the operator.


The chassis has been designed to provide maximum capacity at elevated heights without compromising the right-angle stack. Several battery compartment specs are available to accommodate a wide range of application requirements.


Crown’s Access 1 2 3 technology provides superior diagnostics. The InfoPoint® System and Quick Reference Guide significantly reduce maintenance costs related to troubleshooting and downtime.

Access 1 2 3 technology allows a technician to pinpoint problems, test components, and quickly correct the problem.


InfoPoint provides component maps that make it easy to locate and identify components throughout the truck, while The Quick Reference Guide explains “what it is”, “where it is”, and “what it does” for fast troubleshooting and reduced downtime.

An easy-to-access battery compartment simplifies battery maintenance.

Crown’s service and parts manual is recognized in the industry as the most user-friendly — enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

Options / Accessories

A number of options and Work Assist® options/accessories are available for the SC 5200 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown sit-down counterbalanced trucks to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


  • Tilt position assist
  • Sideshift
  • Freezer and corrosion conditioning

Battery Options

  • (5) Battery compartment sizes can accommodate a wide range of applications
  • 36 and 48-volt options

Work Assist®

  • Storage tray
  • Fan
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Shrink wrap holder
  • Cup holder


SC 5700 Series Brochure

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