SP 3500

Clear Elevated. Performance.
The Crown SP 3500 Series Order Picker is designed to work with the operator to optimize the order picking process.




Features & Benefits

Visibility that Drives Success
The ability to see clearly has a tremendous impact on safety and productivity on order picking. That’s why Crown offers the industry’s largest platform window—50 percent larger than competitors—which provides operators the visibility they need to safely and effectively maneuver up and down the warehouse aisle.

Unmatched Visibility
The Crown SP Series Order Picker provides operators with the most unobstructed view, eliminates “tunnel vision,” and contributes to operator confidence at height.

Stability that Builds Confidence
Imagine working all day, every day, on the ledge of a three-story building. That’s not far from reality for an order picker. This is why the entire truck, from the generous use of steel to Crown’s closed-loop control system, is designed to contribute to stability throughout every cycle.

Stability Stance
When you’re stopping and starting a truck from 30 feet in the air, a stable stance is critical. On Crown SP Series Stockpickers, operators have four points of solid contact with the truck, including; both feet on the floor in a comfortable position, one hand firmly grasping the steering tiller, and the other hand on the fixed control handle.

A Better Mast
Crown’s SP Series Stockpickers mast delivers rock-solid strength, along with cushioned staging for superior operator control and confidence. This includes; heavy-gauge, wide outer C-channels and inner I-beams, robust stabilizing angular cross members, and exclusive Crown vertical mast braces.

Room to Move
Crown SP Series delivers the most usable floor space of any truck. Additional space can be achieved through optional extensions that include the placement of side gates at the outer edge of the platform.

Electric Pallet Clamp
With Crown’s optional electric clamp, a wide range of pallets can be handled, including stringers between 1.25 and 6 inches.

Brains Behind the Beige
In addition to rigid mast design, Crown’s closed-loop control system delivers a stability difference the operator can feel.

Access 123®
Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control collects and measures operating conditions, then automatically provides input to other vital truck systems for real-time performance adjustments.

Intelligent Steering
Crown Intelligent Steering slows the truck automatically as the steering angle increases.

Intelligent Braking
Crown Intelligent Braking combines the optimum levels of AC traction motor braking, along with friction braking based on lift heights, travel speed and direction of travel.

Performance that Rises Above
While operator confidence and truck stability contribute to overall productivity, truck performance plays an important role when it comes to saving time and energy in each and every cycle. Based on operational needs, Crown can deliver more speed, capacity at height and features including Variable Lift/Lower and Regen Lower. What’s more, unlike competitors, all SP Series Order Pickers include Linear Speed Control standard.

Speeds Add up to Savings
Crown’s leading speeds contribute to lower stockpicker cycle times. In fact, Crown surpasses industry benchmarks in travel, lift and lower speeds in nearly all scenarios.

Built-in Linear Speed Control
Crown’s linear speed control (stepless) eliminates wasted productivity typical with a stepped speed implementation. Competitors use simple height switches on the mast, while the SP Series uses a variable height sensor to measure the exact platform height and determine the optimum speed level. This important productivity feature, optional on many others, is standard on all Crown stockpickers.

Longevity That Pays
Crown’s SP Series is designed to optimize battery performance and shift life. The SP 4000 with 36 volt battery enables common batteries and chargers to be used across your fleet. In addition, with Crown electronics, diagnostics and service/parts infrastructure, owners can count on better overall results for years to come.

Up to 60% More Power
A wide range of battery options allows users to extend shift life and reduce number of battery changes.

Diverse Fleet, Same Batteries and Chargers
Power your 36V lift truck fleet using a single system without tying up vital budget or facility space for additional batteries or chargers.

Exclusive Easy-Top Battery Access
Eliminates the difficulty of removing batteries to perform routine maintenance. In addition, lifting the cover assists in dissipating heat during quick charge operations.

Integrated Truck Technology
Intelligent Control is gained through Crown’s Access 1 2 3® System, which automatically collects data, monitors functions, and controls truck systems to perform to customer-defined standards. Crown’s InfoPoint® Quick Reference Guide and on-truck component maps provide technicians with vital information to quickly, accurately, and easily resolve issues without wiring diagrams or schematics.

Options / Accessories  

A number of options and accessories are available for the Crown SP Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown stockpickers to improve performance and meet your specific operational needs.

NOTE: For a complete listing of options and accessories available for each model, please contact us. Lifting Forks with optional load facing controlsLifting Forks with optional load facing controls.

Lifting Forks with optional load facing forks

Optional Equipment

  • Wire Guidance
  • Rail Guidance
  • End Aisle Control
  • Lifting Forks with optional load facing controls
  • InfoLink® Ready System
  • Electric Pallet Clamp
  • Glass Safety Shield
  • Spotlight
  • Fan Light Package
  • Operator Fan
  • Aluminum Platform
  • 30 in Lanyard Boom
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Freezer Conditioning

Work Assist Accessories

  • Accessory Plate
  • Clip Pad and Hook
  • Work Assist® Pocket

Spec Sheets

Please click the link below to download the profile sheet for the SP 3500/4000 stockpicker.
SP 3500/4000 Series

Please click the link below to download the profile sheet for the SP 3570F four-point stockpicker.
SP 3570F 4-Point Stockpicker

Please click the link below to download the profile sheet for the SP 3500 with lifting forks.
SP 3500 Stockpicker w/ lifting forks


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