Minute Miser

Stay efficient with the Minute Miser.

Traveling to various locations in a large facility can waste a great deal of time. The Minute Miser® lets you quickly get from Point A to Point B with a small load, whether it’s your equipment or a second passenger. Time is money, so save it and keep productivity—and profitability—at a high level.

  • Cargo deck with fold-down second seat
  • 10 mph max. speed
  • 550-lb total capacity




Under-Seat Battery Compartment
Effortless maintenance with easy access to power source.


Cargo Deck
Convenient material transport


Comfortable Seating
A gentle ride even after long hours on the job


Dash-Mounted Directional Switch
Ergonomic design for driver convenience


Flip-Down Additional Seat
Carry a passenger or convert to a cargo deck


Handlebar Steering
Carry a passenger or convert to a cargo deck


Vehicle Dimensions

Overall Length 85.0 in (216 cm)
Overall Width 30.0 in (76 cm)
Overall Height (Tiller) 39.0 in (99 cm)
Overall Height (Steering Wheel) 46.0 in (117 cm)
Wheel Base 48.0 in (122 cm)
Front Wheel Track N/A
Rear Wheel Track 25.5 in (65 cm)
Ground Clearance 4.0 in (10 cm)
Cargo Deck Width 23.0 in (58 cm)
Cargo Deck Length 29.0 in (73 cm)
Cargo Deck Depth 4.0 in (10 cm)


Power Source 24-Volt DC
Horsepower 1.5 hp (1.1 kW) @ 2800 rpm
Electrical System 24-Volt
Batteries Four, 6V Deep Cycle
Battery Charger 24 VDC, 120 VAC On-Board, UL & CSA
Speed Controller Solid State 250 Amp Rated
Drivetrain Motor Shaft Direct Drive
Transaxle Differential with Helical Gears
Gear Selection Dash-Mounted Forward-Neutral-Reverse
Rear Axle Ratio 14.78:1


Seating Capacity and Style 2-person
Dry Weight 490 lb (225 kg)
Curb Weight 740 lb (335 kg)
Cargo Deck Capacity 300 lb (140 kg)
Vehicle Load Capacity 550 lb (250 kg)
Outside Clearance Circle 10.8 ft (3.3 m)
Intersecting Aisle Clearance 54.0 in (137 cm)
Speed (level ground) 10 mph +/- 0.5 mph (16 kph +/- 0.8 kph)

Steering and Suspension

Steering Direct Handlebar to Front Fork
Front Suspension Torque Block
Rear Suspension Coil Springs & Single Shock Absorber
Service Brake Rear Wheel Mechanical Drum
Parking Brake Single Point Latch
Front and Rear Tires 4.80 x 8 (Load Range B)

Frame and Color

Frame Welded Steel with Powder-Coat Protection
Body and Finish Diamond Plate. Polyester primer + acrylic
Standard Color Yellow
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