Protect Your Warehouse Against Forklift Damage

Protect Your Warehouse Against Forklift Damage

Lift trucks are indispensable in the modern warehouse, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. The most recent estimates show there are 855,900 forklifts in the US, and the Industrial Truck Association reported record-breaking forklift sales for the fourth consecutive year. [1]

Whether it’s a basic walkie unit or a more complex stock picker, they all come with challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the damage caused by forklift impact with structures and the safety concerns as a result. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported from 2011 to 2017, 614 workers lost their lives in forklift-related incidents, and more than 7,000 nonfatal injuries with days away from work occurred every year. [2]  Knowing these hard facts, we recognize there’s an ongoing need for forklift training and a culture of safety is paramount. One of those areas to concentrate on is structure protection.

Here is our list of some of the top ways to protect your warehouse against forklift damage to structures.

  • Corner & Column Guards: If you have forklifts maneuvering through your facility, its’ always a good idea to install corner and column guards. You can prevent costly damage to steel columns, pipes, and tubing with wrap-around protection. They attach to a base or the floor and will absorb a hit from a forklift before it causes damage.
  • Post Protectors: Post protectors can help prevent forklift damage to your rack frames. They are a simple and inexpensive way to absorb lift truck impacts.  
  • Rack Guards / Protectors: These products offer another line of protection to your pallet racks. End-of-aisle guards and other barrier systems protect against forklift traffic accidents.
  • Guard Rails & Bollards: Use guard rails and bollards to protect machines, and any other areas that need protection. These safety guards attach to the floor and provide the first line of defense from forklift accidents. They can also create a protective shield between your workers and dangerous equipment.
  • Floor Striping: Finally, marking out guides on the floor to separate forklift traffic lanes or to create safety zones helps indoor traffic run more safely and efficiently.

If you already have these safeguards in your warehouse, that’s great news! The safety of your employees is a top priority, plus your operation will run more efficiently. If you don’t have these safety measures in place, do a walk through to identify where forklift traffic could pose a risk. Keep in mind the integrity of your racking and machinery and as always, the safety of your workers.

At Action Lift, we supply all the Allied Warehouse Products pictured below, plus much more. We offer plenty of solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of your operation. Contact our Warehouse Solutions Manager to learn more.



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