Safety controls or productivity demands? This revolutionary machine addresses both.

Safety controls or productivity demands? This revolutionary machine addresses both.

Innovation in Mobility for the Modern, Material Handling Workplace

Crown Equipment Corporation recently introduced the WAV 60 Series, an upgrade to the 50 Series. Referred to as the Wave®, the Crown Work Assist® Vehicle is not only an advancement in workplace safety, but it’s extremely useful. Designed to improve safety and efficiency in situations where ladders are typically used, the Wave is the ideal piece of equipment to assist workers in a variety of lift and load material handling operations. The machine provides a smooth and secure elevating process ideal for workers who are involved in maintenance, the receiving and stocking of small loads, as well as order picking.


This past August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its most recent report for injuries from falls to lower levels. It stated that workers in private industry, state government, and local government suffered 57,020 injuries resulting in days away from work because of falls to lower levels. And 595 workers across private industry and all levels of government lost their lives because of such falls in the same time period. Of these numbers, not all falls are from ladders but according to OSHA, falls from portable ladders (step, straight, combination, and extension) are one of the leading causes of occupational fatalities and injuries.

With these statistics in mind, a safety-conscience company can count on the WAVE to reduce these injuries and fatalities resulting in decreased worker’s compensation and loss-time expenses. But what about efficiency and maneuverability?


The Wave delivers a significant savings opportunity through better productivity and offers flexibility for many applications. This innovative machine can simultaneously travel and lift and is 35” wide (with rail guide rollers) providing easy access in narrow aisles. An optional powered load tray features a 200 lb. capacity for additional versatility. The flexibility of the Wave aids in reducing the expenses of lost productivity, and product damage with many Wave customers reporting a complete return on investment within one year of purchase.


A Bird’s-Eye View and Safety Too

We witnessed firsthand the flexibility of the Wave during a recent photo shoot for our company calendar. Our photographer needed a better angle for some specialized shots, so we put our elder Wave 50 to work. Within no time Danielle was maneuvering the vehicle to the heights she needed for a bird’s-eye view. A novice in heels, she handled the machine with ease in order to get the job done.

In conclusion, the Wave is a must-have machine that combines safety, usefulness, and cost savings for the modern, material handling workplace. Contact us for a demo of the WAV 60 Series.