SHR 5500

Flexibility Within Reach
The SHR 5500 Series combines the maneuverability advantages of a straddle stacker with the application flexibility of a counterbalanced stacker. The SHR 5500’s AC traction system, heavy-duty mast, and pantograph reach mechanism work together to deliver more efficient load handling and positioning. Electronic power steering decreases the amount of physical effort needed to maneuver loads, thus reducing operator fatigue. A brake override feature allows operators to raise the handle to a near-vertical position to move the truck in extremely confined spaces.


Walkie Reach Stacker
2500, 3000, 3500 lb. Capacity

Features & Benefits


A 24-volt powered lift and travel system.

SHR 5520 – 25/30 – up to 300 amp hour battery
SHR 5540 – 35 – up to 660 amp hour battery


Load Handling Configuration
A fixed straddle with adjustable forks can be set from the factory to handle a variety of loads.

A pantograph reach mechanism gives you the maneuverability of a straddle stacker with the flexibility of a counterbalanced stacker.


Drive Unit/Brake
An AC traction motor, combined with a heavy-duty gearbox with a helical spur input gear, provides quiet operation and powerful performance.

Regenerative motor braking is activated under downhill conditions, during plugging, or when the directional control is returned to neutral. An electromagnetic brake, mounted on top of the drive motor, serves as the parking brake and applies when the control handle position moves from the operating zone to brake zone during truck operation.


Two and three-stage masts feature angled cross-bracing and lift cylinders located behind nested I-beams for maximum visibility. A low-profile power unit and centrally located control handle further enhance visibility.


The SHR 5500 Series features electronic power steering for effortless steering and a brake override that enables slow-speed travel with the handle in a near-vertical position. These features improve maneuverability and handling in tight areas.


Control Handle
Crown’s robust X10® handle places all control buttons in the optimum position for ease of operation with either hand and to minimize hand and wrist movements. An ergonomic forward/reverse thumb wheel allows for precise maneuvering.


The Access 123® display simplifies service for technicians by providing advanced diagnostics without handsets. Crown’s InfoPoint® System compliments Access 123 diagnostics by providing a Quick Reference Guide, on-truck component maps and information nuggets to further simplify troubleshooting.

Removable steel power unit doors are hinged for ease of opening, providing excellent accessibility to the distribution panel and all other components. A hinged steel top cover allows easy access to the battery to perform inspections.

Crown’s service and parts manuals have been recognized in the industry as the most user-friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

Options / Accessories

walkie_stackers_work_assist_accA number of options and accessories are available for the SHR 5500 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown walkie stackers to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


  • Work Assist™ Accessories
  • Plexiglass mast guard
  • Keyless on/off
  • 30 Amp On-board charger
  • Industrial battery & charger
  • Sideshifter
  • Freezer conditioning & more

Spec Sheet

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SHR 5500 Series Specifications

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